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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now that I got that out of my system here are a few updates

My wife told me we needed a little more room to plant the rest of the garden. The work in plowing a garden is mostly in putting the various implements on the tractor and taking them off again. Making an 8' wide strip is not really any easier than making a 38' wide strip so I more or less double the size of the garden. If we get that all planted I may make another garden plot.

When I plowed the first half of the garden the soil had the ideal amount of moisture for plowing and when I ran the turning plow through it everything just crumbled to a fine texture with no clods. There was a little more moisture in the soil this time so I actually had to use the disc on it.

I finished the last of the rabbit cages last weekend. I still need to build stands for them and a roof, but I have a plan for that. I'm replacing the porch columns on my house and the old columns and the railing will make nice raw material for the stands. Cheap, too.

I got the dog houses (future chicken houses) out of my truck and got one mostly repaired. It had a couple of rotten places that I fixed with scraps of lumber I had. It needs some caulk and paint. The smaller one is in a little worse shape. The bottom fell off when I put it in the truck because it hadn't been painted either and the bottom of the walls had rotted out. Surprisingly the plywood floor is still in good shape. It's a fairly big dog house so I think I'll use my sawzall to chop the bottom 6 inches off all the walls, then put the bottom back on it. It has a few loose shingles, but I've got some roof tar so I can fix that as well.

It's a good thing I'm almost done with that because we have over two dozen chicks that are almost big enough to move out of the cage and into a place of their own.

We've been candling some of the fertilized eggs we got, and have found at least one that we've seen a chick moving inside of. Unfortunately, we haven't been marking them so we don't know which is which. We have never hatched eggs before and don't really know what we are looking for when candling eggs so we haven't thrown any out. Hopefully we'll get at least one out of the 30 eggs.

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