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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letterman vs. the President

I wish people would get as fired up about all the things the President is doing to the nation as they are about Letterman's poor sense of humor.

Letterman is a jerk. I have no problem with him losing his job over his gutter-minded comments. However, he is not going to bankrupt the nation, nationalize the banks and industry, bow down to foreign dictators, and ruin healthcare in the USA.

People have things backwards here. Instead of booing the President and having a "Fire Letterman" protest we should be booing Letterman and having a "Fire the President" protest instead.

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Paladin said...

I'm with you.

The Letterman thing was blown way out of proportion, if you ask me. What he actually intended by the joke was bad (poking fun at Bristol). Our response should have been to vote with our remotes and kill his ratings - if we are that aggrevated at him.

Instead, everyone went apeshit over a misperception. That allows him to "apologize" for a "misunderstanding", instead of apologizing for what he actually intended to poke fun at in the first place - Bristol.

Makes us look really inconsistent when we loose it over something this stupid, and then whine when the MSM and Libs do it to us.

That's my opinion, anyway. I haven't seen Letterman in years. At my age, I'm doing good to make it through the news without falling asleep :)


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