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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Foreign Laws to Impact American Gun Owners?

Isn't this whole President Barack Hussein Obama thing getting old? Here is the link.

From the article:

Gun owners are increasingly concerned with the White House's citing of foreign law when it comes to gun rights. Look no further than the recent Senate confirmation of Professor Harold Koh to be State Department legal advisor in June. Koh, a committed transnationalist, is a passionate opponent of gun ownership.

Koh, recently the dean of Yale Law School, was confirmed as State Department Legal Advisor with 35 votes against him. He now becomes the top U.S. authority on international law, and the top advisor to the president and secretary of state about America's obligations and treaty commitments with the United Nations and other countries.

A transnationalist!? I'd never heard that term before. I guess I need to put my tinfoil hat on and get out more.

Well, we expected everyone associated with hussein to oppose people owning personal weapons so this isn't a surprise.

More from the article:
Harold Koh is also one of the most far-left legal advocates anywhere in this country, on issues ranging from affirmative action to same-sex marriage to the reach of the federal government into people's lives. While many on the Left believe that foreign law should be considered by American courts in interpreting the Constitution, as a true transnationalist, Koh believes that U.S. courts should directly cite foreign law to decide cases, and that foreign policy actions such as war-making are illegal without express U.N. approval.
This guy is more of a loony than I thought possible. As far as thinking foreign law should be considered by American courts in interpreting the Constitution I think that's insanity. The only possible consideration would be to find out what foreign laws are and make the opposite decision. That wouldn't be too far off.

As far as U.S. courts directly citing foreign law to decide cases, that is beyond insanity. The guy is an imbecile and he may even aspire down to the level of idiot.

Actually, there may be something useful here. I'll bet the law in North Korea says that people with IQs below 50 will not be allowed in high government offices. We could apply that law to Mr. Koh and be done with him.

I seem to remember that in the past in some nations people who were serverly mentally retarded were put to death. I wonder if the courts should make decisions base on foreign laws from hundreds of years ago?

Here is a little more:
There is no issue on which Koh is further from the mainstream, however, than the right to keep and bear arms. He openly advocates a global gun-control regime, run by the international community and based on foreign law, that would ban all handguns and subject all other firearms to draconian restrictions.
There you go.

American's wanted change and they're going to get it good and hard.

Are you ready for this? Have you thought about how you'd respond if this sort of rubish became the law of the land?

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The Hermit said...

I'd just ignore it. Anything more I might do about it, I wouldn't want to make public.


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