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Monday, July 27, 2009

The President to rent The Blue Heron Farm for vacation

This "farm" is 28 acres on Martha's Vinyard. Similar properties in the area rent for $35k to $50k per week. The property is valued at $20 million. They're going to be there the last two weeks of August. Here is a link.

That adds up to $70k to $100k for the little vacation. Nice if you have the scratch.

I've got a better idea for the President if he wants to not look so elitist at a time when the economy is in the dumpster and help stimulate the economy for the little people instead of the wealthy property owners.

Here is my idea: I own a real, working farm. The kind where you actually grow things and sell them. I'll rent my farm to the President for only $15k per week for the last two weeks of August. I can charge less because I don't have to maintain a swimming pool, a basketball court, a golf practice tee, or any stone walls.

I feel pretty confident that the President won't seriously consider this because after all, my farm is located in flyover country. Only servants and the working class live in flyover country and the President wouldn't want to worry about his family getting dirty or anything. They might see someone driving a pickup or a tractor, or sweating, or carrying a gun in their gun rack.

All things considered (I wouldn't want to make the neighbors mad or ruin the road with all that traffic) maybe it's best if I withdraw that offer. Still, that's a lot of money.


The Other Mike S. said...

People sweating!? OMG, what kind of damage would that inflict on his children?

When I first heard about this, the elitist tag jumped right out at me. If I were a Dem, I'd be very pissed off. What the hell is he thinking? He's spending in a week what many people would be thankful to earn in a year. It doesn't really paint you as a "common man" now, does it?

Bitmap said...

Not "common man" but "common elitist" if you'll pardon the contradiction.


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