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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Consumer Confidence Falls "unexpectedly" in August

I don't know who wasn't expecting this. I'm surprised that confidence has remained as high as it has.

Here is the article in a sentence:
Consumers are less optimistic about their own personal finances than at any time in the past 60 years, according to an index of consumer sentiment released Friday.
In other words a lot of people have realized what a socialist loser we have elected as President and as leaders in congress and these newly awakened people are suddenly worried about their own rice bowl. I guess before the election these people were more worried about what everyone else had and who they could elect to take the most out of others' bowls and give to them.

Using government to steal cuts both ways. In fact, government is a sword that cuts EVERY direction. Nobody gets out of that kind of transaction without bleeding.

Here is my favorite sentence from the article:
The good news is that job cuts may soon diminish.
What idiot came up with that line? " . . . job cuts may soon diminish."!? We may all sprout wings and fly to the moon. Job cuts may diminish when everyone has lost their job. I LOL'd at that.

How is your confidence in the economy?

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