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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Durban upset that he won't be able to tell his constituents what he's going to do to them

His idea of a town hall meeting is for his subjects to shut up and sit there while he tells them what he's going to do. He doesn't like it when his subjects talk back. Too bad for him.

Here is the link. This is typical of the wanna-be elites in congress.

From the article:
The disruptions at town hall meetings are part of a strategy, Durbin told reporters.

"They have explicit instructions about how to show up at a town meeting and blow it up, take it over," Durbin said.
I think that is a product of hallucinogenic drugs and possibly a very high fever. I wonder if Durban has Swine Flu? Really, I'd like to see one tiny bit of evidence of that. If that is actually true then they might have gotten their protest plans from left-wing loonies.

More nonsense:
"This is too important a topic to leave it to those who only want to show up to shout and shove."
Shouting is the only possible way to make a thick-headed numbskull like durban hear you. The only people I've seen shoving at these events have been members of the SEIU. Hint to Durban: the SEIU is a hard-left union group that supports socialized medicine. Maybe Dick should check out the news and see the videos of he minions assaulting people.

More from the Dick:
"The people who are showing up at these town meetings are not looking for dialogue."
No, it is people like Durban that want to avoid a dialog. He doesn't want to discuss anything. He wants to tell people how it's going to be. The protesters at the town hall meetings are tired of that attitude.

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