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Monday, August 24, 2009

Save Glenn Beck

I agree with Glenn Beck that the President was being racist.

Here is the link.

From the story:
A total of 33 Fox advertisers, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint, directed that their commercials not air on Beck's show, according to the companies and ColorofChange.org, a group that promotes political action among blacks and launched a campaign to get advertisers to abandon him.
I went to the colorofchange.org site and couldn't find a complete list of the 33 companies and I couldn't find a list using bing. Is the number exaggerated? Probably.

According to defendglenn.com this is the list:

Sargento Cheese
Ally Bank
Broadview Security
Progressive Insurance
Men's Wearhouse
Radio Shack
Healthy Choice (ConAgra)
Plavix (Sanofi-Aventis)

These companies have a right to advertise with anyone they want to. You have a right to buy their products or not and to let them know why.

You know what to do.

1 comment:

The Other Mike S. said...

Fantastic. I've been trying to find information on who the weak-kneed advertiser were.

This will be sweet: I was planning on opening a CD for my mom for a decent amount of money at Ally Bank on Wednesday.

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy writing to them telling them the money is going elsewhere for the sole reason of their ad-pulling.


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