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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sotomayor and "voting on ideology rather than qualifications"

From this article.

Seems to me that if the would-be justice's ideology would lead them to interpret the Constitution such that the federal government can grow without limit then that candidate is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court.

The ideology of the nominee should be under consideration here, not the ideology of our representatives.

This is the kind of decision that will impact the rest of our lives. We better get it right.

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Paladin said...

I agree - Mel Martinez finds it "Very, Very appalling" that people are looking at her ideology rather than her "qualifications".

Dumb ass.

The qualifications that he and everyone else touts would be fine if you were looking at hiring her as a lawyer. But that's not the position she's being considered for, is it? She's being considered for a position where she will interpret law and determine whether its application jibes with the Constitution, or not.

I would think that her track record and constitutional ideology would be even MORE important to consider than the other stuff.

But then again, I think people should actually read bills before signing them into law, so what do I know?


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