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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walter E. Williams on socialism

Here is the link.

I am gratified that he sees one of the same problems with socialism that I do:

With socialized medicine everyone's lifestyle becomes everyone else's business.

He states it very well:
Some might argue that if you're not wearing a seatbelt and wind up a vegetable, society has to take care of you; therefore, the fascist threat "click it or ticket." Becoming a burden on society is not a problem of liberty and private property. It's a problem of socialism where one person is forced to take care of someone else.
His column should be on everyone's must read list.


Dr. Dave said...

Don't worry...under Obuggercare, the vegetable will be euthanized, so we won't have to take care of him.

Bitmap said...

You're right. I missed that. Under socialized medicine we could ban seatbelts to control the population.

Ron Russell said...

The older a government becomes the more repressive it becomes---just the nature of the beast. And under the present administration the repression is being accelerated at a much greater rate.


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