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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just wanted to take a picture

Interesting article about police and security guards preventing people taking pictures.

This isn't the first time this has been in the news and the problem seems to be getting worse. Of course "officer safety" trumps all in this nation so if an LEO feels he is in danger from you taking pictures from across the street then he can detain you. I guess he could detain you in the interest of officer safety if you sneezed too close to him.

Be careful what you photograph in public. Big Brother may not like it.


Paladin said...

This makes me want to get one of those huge 6x6 cameras with the enormous round flash reflector on top - like the newspaper reporters had back in the 50's.(You know... back when newspaper men actually investigated and reported news?)

I could stick a card with "PRESS" written on it in the ribbon of my fedora and follow the local cops around, flashing away :)

Of course I have been known to show poor judgement in the past on occasion, so I probably better get my Wife's opinion on this plan before I actually did it.

Bitmap said...

LOL you'd probably be pepper sprayed, then tased, then they'd go to your house and shoot your dog.

They have to keep the peasants in their place, you know.

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